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Grrarghness. [Oct. 31st, 2006|04:59 pm]
'Rat Rage


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[mood |pessimisticpessimistic]

So maybe it's just me, but when someone asks me why I don't like someone, and it's about someone who's given some kind of grievous harm to me and ANY of my friends, you can bet they're going to get an earful.

So I have a friend who was dating someone at the beginning of the year who I didn't particularly like, and over the course of the semester he's proven himself to be horribly good at giving the right vibes at a first impression, because not only has he stolen 200$ from me, he's stolen a lot of expensive jewelry and the like from the hippy guy who has a table setup in DUC every once in a while. Not only that, but he mooches off of everyone I know, and stayed in one of my best friends apartments, smoked his cigarettes, ate his food, and did nothing else for almost three weeks straight.

He stole someone's wallet and proceeded to try to get credit cards using his information, another friend was so drunk one night, and asked this person to order him a pizza....he spent over 40$ on a Chief from Firehouse because this person (not the friend) was hungry too. 

Now on to the person he dated...yes, she cheated on him...after they'd been together for four months, and he'd gotten so clingy and obsessive that he was calling her parents mom & dad, was talking about children before they even got out of college, didn't want to use condoms because he wanted her to get pregnant, and had to know every single thing she did, every single straight guy she hung out with, what they did, where they did it, and was around her 24/7.  He didn't even go back to his dorm room unless she just hid and wouldn't let him sign in with her.

She broke up with him.  He started dated another friend, and after about two weeks, she broke up with him for the exact same reasons.  Now he's dating yet another friend, actually one that most of my friends don't know, and she asked me why I didn't like him.  I gave her a huge spiel and probably came off a lot bitchier than I needed to, but that was a private conversation, and she promised me that it wouldn't fall to his eyes.

Guess who I got a message from on facebook telling me to stop talking shit about someone. >.<

So maybe it's just me, but why can't people grow up when they come to college? Is there some unwritten rule that the majority of people that come to college are required to act like freshmen in highschool, and treat everyone like shit and forget that we're grownup now and the drama needs to stop?

[User Picture]From: stagolicious
2006-11-01 03:33 pm (UTC)
And dude, I so totally sounded pedantic and condescending. Not what I meant. Sorry, no sleep for me. But yeah. Sorry about all that shit. It sucks.
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