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Oh great. Gender gets enforced AGAIN. [Mar. 21st, 2007|11:38 am]
'Rat Rage


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Right, so, this morning at work I was taking pictures of the spring break day camp. The camp is an Exploring World Cultures sorta thing, which is pretty neat, I guess, but this one thing just really got under my skin.

When I got there the kids were copying this picture of Ganesha onto a large piece of butcher paper (don't even get me started about how having kids copy a picture and going around telling them what colours to make everything is hardly a good creative exercise), and this one grad student who always helps with the camps was going around, and told a kid to draw in the scarves that "she" (Ganesha) had coming down from "her" shoulder.

AGH. Okay, one, don't freaking teach a class on other cultures if you don't know what you're talking about. Two, I just know Ganesha came off as female to this woman because he's got pretty eyes with eyelashes and tons of jewellery and pink scarves and pink flowers. OTHER CULTURES DO NOT HAVE THE SAME CONCEPTS OF MASCULINITY AND FEMININITY AGGGGHHH. So now, great, these kids have been reminded again that everything everywhere always conforms to our narrow definitions of what makes someone male or female. *gnash* I mean, this would have been a perfect opportunity to, if some kid was like, "That's a man?" to explain the thing about other cultures having different ideas of how men and women should dress, etc.

Of course this is all made much more ridiculous, being about THE GUY WITH THE ELELEPHANT HEAD. XDDD