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Fuck All Y'all!!! [Nov. 14th, 2006|01:49 am]
'Rat Rage


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Okay, so now that Congress is now in control of the Democrats, I should be happy. I should be proud of my fellow Americans voted and generally happy with the direction that this country is going. But, I can't help but say, seriously, fuck all y'all And by all y'all, I mean the 85% who approved of president Bush's job after the terrorist attacks, even as he was getting us into a war that had next to nothing to do with the actual terrorist attacks. Yes, I was careful with the previous sentence. Notice how I said the country, not the terrorists who happen to be in that country. There also happen to be plenty of terrorists living in the good ole' U.S of A. That doesn't mean that I should die if some christian missionary goes berzerk in one of the foreign countries they visit. Not to mention the terrorist attacks that have been done inside America against medical facilities where abortions are performed.

The death toll of civilians in Afghanistan is over 4,000. Yep, 4,000 innocent people is what United States statistics are showing, though sources in Afghanistan claim it is more like 8,000. But you never count the dead when god is on your side, do you?

Do you really wanna know what makes me better than the 95% of Americans who decided that going to war with Afghanistan was a good idea? Because I had foresight and thought "Hey, if we randomly drop a shitload of bombs on a country with the vague hope that we will hit a couple of terrorists along the way, there could be thousands of people that will die. How ironic, killing thousands of innocent people would make us similar to World Trade Center bombers." Seriously, I'm not really a genius, that is the extent of the thought process that I went through. This is not fucking rocket science people, it is just putting a face on what you are afraid of. But I was left out of the war-mongering crowd. And it wasn't even 95% of Americans that I had to contend with, I'm guessing the number was closer to 99% in southern KY. My friends and I were utterly alone. Even people who I previously considered liberal or rational had suddenly turned into war hawks. I was laughed at and told that I wasn't American for my minority view.

In the two months after the Sept. 11th attacks, I found myself surrounded by angry mobs on more that one occasion. This was a new violent America, one in which you were either with the war president or against him. Somehow I survived that time without getting physically attacked, but I had learned to keep my mouth shut a little more. Staying silent in Winthrop's city on a hill became a way of life. I even eventually cut my hair to lessen harrassment.

I'm also much better than the 80% of the public who supported the Iraq war when it started. This means that in two years, only 15% of you bloodthirsty assholes had learned you lesson. So now bombed another country in the vague hope that one of the explosions would cause a regime change. It eventually came, but not after 30,000 people died. And the mortality rate is such now in the country that some researchers suggest 600,000 deaths can ultimately be attributed to the war in Iraq. So now, after years of two wars that have no apparent end and thousands of deaths, a small majority of Americans are now saying, "Oh, maybe war isn't the best fucking thing since sliced bread." No shit Sherlock! And so we voted Democrats into office. But you know, I think that the endless war was only part of it, people just feel like changing the Congress with somehow lower the gas prices (as if Congress really has control over that sort of thing anyway, but at least the Democrats used it to their advantage). I mean, $3.00 a gallon is something that really affects you if you drive around a big goddam GMC Yukon.

Anyway, I can't be proud to live in this country. I can't even feel like part of the majority for once. I'll never be part of the majority. The people that surround me today and voted in Democrats were the angry mob that surrounded me five years ago. I will never forgive this generation and I will always be ready for the day that fear turns them on my friends and I again. So if you are one of the people who ever said that it was a good idea to go to either of these wars because it made you feel safer to see the arabic bodies pile up, fuck off. You need to get the fuck off my flist, get the fuck out of my way, and get the fuck off of the gay train.

*by the way, I got all of these stats, from various polls and sources that I don't care to cite. If you have any info that disputes any of this feel free to share it, but I can bet that it won't change the way I feel.

[User Picture]From: stagolicious
2006-11-14 11:18 pm (UTC)
Hear hear! Exactly fucking right, and fuck the rest of 'em!
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